An earlier system. Circa 1992

Sun Production (formerly Live Sound Concepts) was founded in 1987, with it’s origins rooted in the performance side of live entertainment as well as its’ technical aspects. The founder, John Lackner, has had many years of experience on both sides of the mixing console. Having played and toured in many bands since the early 80’s provided a clear understanding of the performers’ requirements onstage, the event planners need for a smart crew and a capable system, and the expectations of the audience.




Under the SP shop roof is a very thorough understanding of audio technology, with extensive technical schooling and decades of electronic theory and troubleshooting experience. This allows a complete understanding, all the way down to the component level, how all this sound equipment actually WORKS. The combination of technical knowledge, performance experience and “real world” live event problem solving have been combined to create a sound company that is not only fully capable from a technical standpoint but is also musically and creatively understanding of what makes a live event a success.

Making Sonic Art With Audio Science